We travel the globe to source the highest quality parts & accessories in the cycling world.




Q36.5 collaborates with Italian partners of excellence in the textile field in order to develop the most efficient fabrics for cycling in the world. The use of exclusive high-quality fabrics, developed specifically for use in cycling, together with the radically essential cut and design of the garments, allows Q36.5 to produce one of the world's lightest cycling apparel.



Gist Italia produces and distributes accessories for cycling.

Its lines Gist, Officine Parolin, Switch and Fir are brands designed specifically in-house and followed directly in all their design phases with exclusive distribution, whereas Gist Italia selects products linked to well-known brands of the cycling sector.



Our company was founded in 1976 by the former professional racing cyclist Celestino Vercelli. In the mid-70s, Celestino winds down his professional cycling career after having raced Giro d’Italia seven times, Tour de France twice and many other races, together with great athletes such as Gianni Motta, Eddy Mercks, Felice Gimondi. He decided to combine his passion for cycling with family tradition. His father worked leather and he was a shoemaker, just like his forefathers at the end of the nineteenth century, when shoe manufacturers were proper master craftsmen, able to tailor any kind of footwear. Celestino keeps bringing his experience to the company, he cuts himself fine leather, such as kangaroo leather, used for the Legend shoes and La Tecnica 1976 model. He works along with his son Edoardo, who carries the tradition with an eye to the future, firmly keeping the whole production in Italy. The rest is history so let’s retrace our steps together.

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Wishbone Established 2008. We came from the Motorcycle and Vehicle Background. 
At the beginning we offer customer wheel sets for road bike and MTB bike in high end level. WE give customer solution and design as you want. 
2012 we created R & D Division to do CNC-Machined. We follow up customer design and offer customer O.D.M.
WE Precise Manufacture by CNC Machined. Material could be titanium, Alloy, and Stainless.



Yaban Chain Industrial Co., Ltd. (shown above) was founded in January 1989, and specialized in manufacturing bicycle & motorcycle chains. For many years, we continued to improve, renovate, and research our products with the goal of offering the best quality, most consistent, and most competitive products to our customers. Our enterprise spirit has led to the following achievements:

  • In 1993, we developed our Magic Power series sprocket chains.

  • In 1994, we developed our Wind Tunnel series and Easy Assembly series.

We have registered the patent rights for each of these products in the United States, Germany, Italy, France, and the UK. These results speak volumes for our expert technology and specialized capability to manufacture all types of high-quality chains.

Our production capacity continues to grow. Our current output exceeds 7,200,000 pcs./year. Our expansion project began in 1994 and has now reached Phase 2. Upon completion of our manufacturing plant expansion, production capacity of 12,000,000 pcs./year is expected.

In 1995 we registered ISO9002 and continue to apply the strictest possible quality control and assurance programs. Our corporate philosophy remains "Quality is give our highest priority - guaranteeing our customers Worry-Free products."


Cycling Ceramic



Your job is to ride. Ours is to ensure every watt you produce, translates into speed. Home of
#FreeSpeed and exceptional standards of quality.

CYCLINGCERAMIC was created in 2012 by Yohann Proust, high-level cyclist and self-confessed technology geek. His constant desire to unearth the most efficient equipment to go faster and further inevitably led him to ceramic bearings.

Yet the market didn’t satisfy his own high standards of quality and so CYCLINGCERAMIC was born, with the goal of allowing fellow cyclists to get the most out of their equipment and their hard work in training.

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Berk Composites is a company of cycling enthusiasts.

Berk composites is company involved in manufacturing bike carbon parts seatpost, saddle/seatpost integrated combos, saddles and last but not least we manufacture one of the lightest bike frames around. We take a great pride in presenting most wanted custom made framesets on the market. And by “custom made”, we mean that no material, shape, colour, etc. is an obstacle.

Berk composites team

Some of you might know us thanks to Weightweenies and the topic where Jure started to post all his carbon work as a teenager.
As a cyclist Jure started to work on bicycle parts. At the age of 19 he already started his own company, of course after years of different experiments, prototypes,…all that time he was also a cyclist at team Radenska Rog, but later decided to rather study mechanical engineering and invest more time into composite engineering.



CHAPTER2 was created by Michael Pryde inspired by his years of dedication to design and cycling. From the time he started racing BMX as a kid, he has pursued his passion for competitive cycling for almost 4 decades, having raced at the highest level in both DH/XC and Road.
Michael’s story really begins when he studied Industrial Design at college from where he went on to study Architecture in the UK for 6 years. He has worked at a number of prestigious firms, including Foster + Partners and Aedas. It was at Foster + Partners where he was able to experience at first hand the design and creation of one of the world’s largest and technically challenging construction projects in the world- the Hong Kong International Airport.
During his tenure as an Architect Michael also pursued his dream as a semi-professional MTB DH/XC racer competing extensively in South East Asia and North America. It was during this time he picked up road cycling which quickly became his primary pursuit.
After a successful career in Architecture he joined Neil Pryde Limited in 2004, a pioneering sporting goods business his father founded in 1970. At Neil Pryde he experienced the design and development of high-tech sports equipment employing carbon fiber and aerodynamics. NEILPRYDE was the pioneer of composites in windsurfing, superseding the bicycle industry in its use of carbon composites.
Michael established the Bike Division under the brand NEILPRYDE in 2008 where he was fully responsible for Design, R&D and Engineering, employing his design skills to introduce a number of award and race winning bikes. During this period he spent significant time designing and testing frames using CFD and Wind Tunnels, accumulating a wealth of technical know-how. During his tenure at Neil Pryde Limited, Michael was responsible for the company winning the IDSA, Red Dot, IF Awards and Chicago Athenaeum Awards.

New Zealand
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Xplova is a company specializing in the design and production of high-end cycling computers, aiming to bring advanced technology coupled with unparalleled UX to the global cycling community. The word Xplova is the combination of the English word of “explore” and the Spanish word of “va”, which stands for “to explore and to move forward”. The spirit of continuing to challenge oneself and to aspire is what Xplova was founded upon.
The company join IT giant Acer Inc. in 2015, and the technology that goes into the design of Xplova’s products has advanced rapidly ever since, from indoor to outdoor, including run and ride. Xplova’s products are now distributed all over the world, combining functional design, intuitive software, a complete cartographic package, and a portal for managing and sharing data within the community. Xplova has strived to provide cycling and sports lovers with a social network to explore, sweat, and laugh together.

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Ride Now Tech


RideNow is the pioneer of bicycle wheel dynamic balancing machine!

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Combining the best quality and technological standards with an attractive graphic style is Pissei’s mission.

Our main aim is to exceed the expectations of cyclists. We take an impassioned approach to finding the best and newest technology and curate each item down to the last detail. It is a never-ending quest for perfection.

We use the best possible fabrics to ensure cyclists can outperform in terms of aerodynamics, comfort and lightweightness. We constantly strive to improve our knowledge by being part of professional cycling events.

And we elevate our extraordinary garments with on-trend ebullient graphics. We want everyone to feel that their clothes tell their story when they are out riding.

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Mektrax Cycling

At Mektrax Cycling, we are a passionate group of cyclists working to create high performance cycling apparel. We can tailor make it, we will make one for your team, wearing it might even make you go faster, you may even ride more with it on, we can't promise you will win races but, who cares, you will look like you already have!

Mektrax combines EMOTION AND TECHNOLOGY to fuel the passion for cycling through design, service, involvement and the very latest in technology.

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Bottecchia Cicli S.r.l. is a bicycle manufacturing company headquartered in Cavarzere, Italy. They offer about 70 models that include road, mountain, trekking, city, BMX, folding, cyclo-cross, and electric. Some high-end frames are produced in Italy, the rest in Asia, and all the bikes are assembled in Italy.

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MB Wear


MB WEAR was born out of the passion between Tiziano Dall’Antonia and Marco Bandiera, two professional bicyclists who managed to transform their many years of experience into a true advantage for their products. This is a brand invented with the purpose to create a sport product made of high quality raw materials and capable of ensuring comfort, strength and durability.

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Gaerne Cycling Shoes


Gaerne - Cycling Shoes with Passion & Experience since 1962 In 1962 Ernesto Gazzola founded the Gaerne company to provide ambitious alpinists with high quality outdoor shoes. With the introduction of the "click" pedal systems in the mid-80s, the product range was expanded to include racing bike shoes.

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Alpitude Bike Components


Alpitude components high end and performance cycling products.

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Polar Bottle


Product Architects Inc. is the parent company of Polar Bottle brand insulated sport water bottles and Half Twist lifestyle bottles. The company is based out of Boulder, Colorado where it assembles and ships all of its products.

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Magic Shine

Magicshine bike light, flashlight and headlamp for biking, skiing, running and other outdoor sports. Known for high quality and affordable price. Since 1999.

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Permeate each performance with stylishness. Imbue each physical feat with elegance. This is Pissei’s mission. A bright burst of colour and graphic design harmoniously enliven the finest fabrics available, driving wearers to gather speed ad give their utmost on the road.

Every detail is designed specifically to meet the needs of professional athletes and to make them compete to the best of their ability in any situation. The experience in the world of competitions guarantees us a continuous stimulus to improve our products.

Ever since 1978, we have been designing our garments to exceed the requirements of professional athletes, sustaining them in the worst weather conditions.

Our offering in entirely Italian made because we feel it is important to keep traditions alive an honour our country. For 40 years now we have putting our expertise at the service of the sports-jersey sector.

Each single item in our lineup has been carefully designed down to the tiniest detail not only in terms of function, but also of style because we don’t want to sacrifice good looks.  The graphic print are carried out on top-end machinery to the very highest possible standard.

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